Whio breeding success at Pukaha

Picture of whio duckling

This breeding season at Pukaha Mount Bruce has been fantastic for our Whio.  16 ducklings have hatched which is a wonderful result.

With an estimated 2,500 whio left in the wild, an additional 16 will make a welcome addition.

These ducklings are being raised for the first few weeks here at Pukaha and then will go to a special 'hardening unit' at Turangi.

Whio live on fast flowing rivers and unless the ducklings are taught to swim in fast water before they are released, they will have a difficult time acclimatising to life in the wild.

Pukaha has whio on display in aviaries - however you are more likely to hear them rather than see them.  The females will make a grunting sound and the males will whistle.

For more information on whio and the breeding programmes to save this species from predators and habitat destruction, visit www.whioforever.co.nz 

(Photo by Tara Swan)