We’re all about Conservation here!

At Pukaha Mount Bruce we’re all about conservation - it is what we do and is not an ‘add-on’. We practice this through our forest restoration and predator control programmes and our captive breeding and advocacy programmes.  Success with these programmes means our forest is alive with birdsong after a long silence!

The way we operate as an organisation, as a team and visitor experience, is founded on the principles of minimising our impact on our precious environment.

We have extensive on site waste management and recycling programmes (no council collection here!).  As an example our gift shop suppliers are required to minimise packaging and we re-use that packaging ourselves or ensure it’s recycled.

We watch the amount of waste we send to the landfill and we continually seek improvement to waste systems and processes to ensure we recycle everything we can. We have formed a partnership with Earthcare Environmental and very little of the waste we generate goes to landfill but we take most of it to their recycling centre in Masterton.  We ask visitors to the centre to assist by using the special bins located near the front entrance for recycling and waste and near our toilets.

We are located in an area that has no town water supply so we carefully harvest our water from the roof of the visitor centre. We also take a small amount of non-potable water from the stream in dry periods. The more we harvest from our roof, the less we take from the stream.

Our onsite water collection system has a UV screening and filtering system installed and our onsite sewerage plant has full secondary treatment. Our taps turn off automatically over the sinks so we don’t lose too much water down the drain.

We are very careful about the amount of electricity we use and exercise efficiency wherever we can.  Among the many energy minimisation actions in place, we have installed wherever possible energy efficient light bulbs throughout our buildings and a heat exchange system for our hot water for the café.   

Where possible we buy products and services from local suppliers. Other important measures include the re-cycled and reused materials in our kiwi house and cleaning materials are non-toxic and biodegradable.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, when you visit us you can help us by supporting the initiatives we are undertaking.