Pukaha News

Celebrating our 100th chick

Pukaha is very proud to be celebrating the 100th chick to be hatched at the National Wildlife Centre since it began participating in the national Operation Nest Egg programme in September 2005.

MB100 hatched on Friday 17 March in the nursery and staff will be celebrating with the community from March 26 to April 3.   MB100 will remain in the brooder off display until March 26 when it will have its initial 12 noon feed.  This is to allow it time to absorb its yolk from the hatch. It will be fed in the nursery daily at 12 noon from March 26 to Monday 3 April.

Be a Junior Ranger at Pukaha these holidays

Join in with the team at Pukaha these school holidays and sign up to be a Junior Ranger!

Over the lond summer holidays Pukaha Junior Rangers is available every Wednesday in January from 11-3.  

Get in behind the scenes with our Rangers and learn about caring for our birds and our forest. We will look at our insects, plants and eco-systems. On your first Junior Ranger duty you will collect your Junior Ranger conservation action booklet. Completed conservation actions can earn rewards. You might even become a Pukaha Conservation leader.

NI Kokako by Paul Martinson

North Island Kokako by Paul Martinson - 2016

This limited edition print has been developed to support the conservation and forest restoration work being undertaken at Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre, New Zealand.

 Paul Martinson is known internationally for his detailed, lifelike paintings of New Zealand’s rare and extinct birds. He has exhibited widely and his work has been published in several books. His commissions include local and international postage stamps featuring birds.