Pukaha News

Major Spot Prize for Breadcraft Wild Challenge announced

The major spot prize for the Breadcraft Wild Challenge being held at Pukaha Mount Bruce on Sunday 28 September has been announced - as an opportunity to participate in a North Island Brown Kiwi release at Pukaha - and to name the kiwi being released.

All entrants, both individual and teams, will go into the draw to win the spot prize. But they must be present at the prize giving which will be held in the Pukaha Mount Bruce Visitor centre after the completion of the challenge.

New Duathlon announced for Pukaha Mount Bruce

With support from an iconic Wairarapa owned business, we are opening up some of our backcountry to the public with a new duathlon event- The Breadcraft Wild Challenge at Pukaha

Our top tips for easy DIY Conservation at home

We are often asked by our visitors "What can WE do to help out at home?".

Here are the current top tips that Pukaha staff tell our visitors when they are asked these questions!

Helen - "Keep your cats in at night. Cat's don't just kill birds, they also will kill native geckos"

Josh - "Plant native flowering and berry producing plants in your backyard - your local plant store should be able to give you great advice on the best varieties for your backyard"