Pukaha News

Free Flight Aviary open

Pukaha's newest attraction, the free flight aviary, was officially opened on Friday 20 May.

Now open to the public, the free flight aviary allows visitors to enjoy the birdlife in their own environment.

Walk through with the birds - see the whio on their river run and the pateke enjoying their pond. Watch for kakariki in the undergrowth and kaka clambering on the aviary roof.  Listen to the glorious songs of the korimako.  Tui and kereru will also soon be joining these birds in the aviary.

Birds released into free flight aviary

We are one step closer to opening our new state of the art free flight aviary, with the introduction of three bird species into the aviary on Thursday 12 May

Korimako (bellbirds), kaka and kakariki were introduced into the $1m aviary one week ahead of the official opening by Minister for Conservation, Hon. Maggie Barry on Friday, May 20th

NI Kokako by Paul Martinson

North Island Kokako by Paul Martinson - 2016

This limited edition print has been developed to support the conservation and forest restoration work being undertaken at Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre, New Zealand.

 Paul Martinson is known internationally for his detailed, lifelike paintings of New Zealand’s rare and extinct birds. He has exhibited widely and his work has been published in several books. His commissions include local and international postage stamps featuring birds.